bryan ruyter suys nashville pussy

Update.. Full of Randomness

It’s been a couple weeks since an update so here it goes.. Checked out Whitensake.. Awesome show.. Then snagged some free tickets to Alice In Chains. That show was packed. William DuVall sings great and of course with Jerry Cantrell by his side it is AIC at their best. I haven’t been to a show in years where the crowd sang along to every song. A show not not be missed if they come close to you.

This Thursday is Nashville Pussy. This band just kicks ass. They can’t be beat in a small venue. Plus it is incredible to watch Ruyter Suys kicking ass on her guitar… You can’t go wrong watching a hot woman shred. Not to mention they are just cool people to hang with before or after a show.

Now believe it or not all of my time hasn’t just been screwing off and seeing shows..  I am pretty excited about a new opportunity and where it could lead down the road. I love the ability to freelance. I guess spending that money on my education has paid off in some way.. By the way you are always welcome to donate to my college fund here if you feel so inclined.

And as always I am available for more freelancing opportunities. You can always reach out to me on my Facebook page or my contact page to see how I can help you with graphics, video, social media and / or digital marketing.

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