Veterans Day

Veterans I am posting this a little late in the day, but I wanted to take a few minutes to say a few things about our soldiers. It continues to blow my mind that our soldiers are treated the way they are. These are the bravest men and women of our country who do a job to keep us all safe. I couldn’t even imagine doing what they do. I don’t care what you do / how big you are / how much of a bad ass you might even be.. There is one thing I know.. You are not as much of a badass as the men and women are that serve our country every day or who have served or will.

I remember a few years ago when I was living in Florida I was out with a friend and we met a Marine who had just returned from Afghanistan and we ended up getting drunk as hell with that guy and bought all his drinks.. and if I do remember correctly introduced him to a chick and .. Well you know the rest.. Good times..

Always thank a Vet.They are the true heroes.


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