Where Has the Time Gone

Going to get you up to speed because I know you missed me. I am going to step away from the Social Media type posts here for just a quickie.. Just got back from another run to Las Vegas to see Megadeth with Iron Maiden. An absolutely incredible concert. All last week I was like a little kid. I love both of those bands, and I haven’t seen Maiden in years. Those guys never disappoint. EVER. Besides that it is business as usual. 

I have been working on a website project for Independent Motorcycles here in Phoenix. I honestly can’t wait for this project to launch. The website is ready to go, but we are just finalizing a few things before we launch this bad boy. 

The last thing I would like to mention as I have had some experience with this over the past few weeks. Employers need to realize there are quality people out there for jobs and they shouldn’t be interviewed by inexperienced employees. If the job applicant is taking the job search seriously so should the employer. It’s frustrating to know or to think that a place you are applying for work doesn’t seem to take the hiring process seriously. 


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