Sticky PostWho the F*ck is Bryan Shaw

As I continue the writing process for my book I have had to push back my deadline for my rough draft. This has been for a couple reasons. I have been extremely busy keeping my head above water with freelance work. I also have a ton of stuff I am trying to cram into the rough draft as I would rather have too much than not enough material. My editor is going to have a hell of a job to do. Now I have added a road trip in this month adding to the chaos to reach the end of August deadline.

Since the idea of writing my book came about.. I have said are people really going to be interested in reading about me? I mean do they even care who I am? As I kept asking these questions over and over I decided to sell a new t-shirt. In honor of my love for the Rolling Stones and to help fund the book and answer the question who the fuck is Bryan Shaw I now will offer the Who The Fuck Is Bryan Shaw? t-shirt. I am selling them for $20. You can click the link to your right to place your order. My friends at  Rebel Skunk Clothing offered to help out and not only make shirts, but sell them as well. I will still donate a portion from every sale to breast cancer research. Pick yours up today! They are available in Black only and in men’s t-shirts and women’s tank tops. Plus you’ll be helping a guy out. Consider it a charitable donation.

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