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Why Getting Cheated on is Actually F*cking Awesome for Women

Source - The Rooster - By - Isabelle Kohn:

It’s hard to look at the crippling depression, insecurity and anger you get from being cheated on as a really good thing, but according to science, getting cheated on is actually fucking awesome. For women, at least.

A recent study out of Binghamton University has revealed that while women who get cheated on may go through the most shit in the short term, they actually “win” in the long run because humans have adapted to cope with heartbreak and breakups in favorable ways.

As the study states, having your male mate “poached,” usually means you return to the dating scene in even better physical and emotional shape than you were in before the shitty relationship. After all, there’s nothing like a debilitating bout of heartbreak to convince you guys named Chad who list “slaying pussy” and “slaying pussy all night long” as interests in their Tinder bio are people to be avoided … or that you should hit the gym … or that you need to become a stronger, more confident and able person to survive the heartache.

This is because of something the study’s lead author Craig Morris, a biocultural anthropologist and evolutionist, calls higher “mating intelligence.” It means that, following a breakup with a cheating partner, a woman may gain insights that help her pick a better one the next time around. So, the, the negative expressions of grief you usually experience during a breakup like social withdrawal, lethargy, loss of interest in school and work, loss of focus, and depression, all actually serve an instructive purpose that set you down the path to a less lecherous partner in the future.

“It’s possible that these symptoms promote time for self-reflection and personal growth,” Morris told Broadly. Turns out all those sad nights spent alone with Netflix and declining invites from your friends may be positively adaptive. “Women, almost exclusively as compared to men, eventually report that they took the time to assess their former mate, themselves, and even their life in general. This ‘positive rumination’ is what appears to lead to a more successful return (at the time of her choosing) to the ‘mating game.'”

However, being the “other woman” has no such positive effects. While the study itself did not specifically examine the effects of cheating on the other woman, Morris told Broadly the data “anecdotally suggests that the relationship between the cheater and the ‘other woman’ will not be successful in the long run.”

Translation: You’ll end up with a better partner who’s more suited for you, and both your dumb-butt ex-boyfriend and the bitch he cheated with will end up alone. Ha haaa, suck it. REVENGE SHALL BE YOURS (cue thunderclaps).

So, anytime you get a little too emo about being cheated on by Chad McKyle Face, remember that the pain you’re going through is present for a reason; if our ancestors didn’t recover from breakups and find a way to move on successfully, we wouldn’t be here and neither would you. We know that doesn’t help right now, but sitting on a new dick will, so go do that while you contemplate the pure glory of your brief heartache. Bye!

Source: The Rooster

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