Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Manager

by - Bryan Shaw:

Social Media is how marketing and advertising is done for a lot of companies these days both big and small. Being successful on social platforms is not as easy as it once seemed. It is more than simply putting a status on Facebook, Twitter, or taking a picture for your Instagram or Pinterest account. It takes time and requires a strong strategy to make it all work together.

Maybe you are one of those companies who decided to let a friend of one of your employees give a try, but they didn’t get the results you desired. Maybe you think you simply can’t afford to start a Social Media Department or hire a Social Media Manager.

The truth is.. You can. You can’t afford to ignore social media or just hoping it will go away or that youngster will figure it out and generate the results you really want.

When you hire a social media manager (like myself) it is to your advantage. It is to help grow your business. It is time to use your social platforms correctly.

Hiring a social media manager will take your efforts to a new level. He or she knows it is more than posting a photo or a link. This person knows how it works and can create a strategy based on your goals for your business. Social platforms make frequent changes, and your Social Media Manager knows this and will take the time to learn the changes and adjust the strategies to fit your goals. This will keep you updated, meaningful, and have a huge benefit to your customers and followers.

Your Social Media Manager should be running your digital marketing and advertising campaigns so you can run the other aspects of your business properly. This person or team can create strategies based on your business goals and budget. Even if you outsource this position, give them clear and concise goals and results you are expecting and you will see your business grow.

Professionals understand the social platforms and use those that are most relevant to your company.  They curate and create content that not only fits your business, but also has the potential to be shared and viewed by a new audience of potential customers.

Social Media Marketers are experienced in social media advertising and the platforms you are using and will create campaigns that will work with your overall strategy.

Social Media Marketers manage all aspects of Social Media and essentially become your Social Media Marketing Department.

For you to be successful you need the right combination of digital marketing, advertising and social media to grow your business. A successful strategy or strategies will provide you with the right content, graphics, and timed updates.

The best companies are those who understand the value of social media and the need for digital marketing and advertising. They will also know that marketing is not just sales and the best campaigns may not generate instant revenue. Social media is a long term commitment and still a new way of doing business.

The best part is that this social media marketing will create or build your company’s digital presence, get you noticed, and help you grow now and into the future.

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