Morton Downey jr

Zip It.

What’s the deal with this weather? I do not own clothes that are meant for winter. It’s been cold here. I mean 55 and cloudy in Phoenix it is seriously time I break out the footie pajamas. My family laughs at me when I say I’m cold when it’s 70, but what do you expect when you are used to 117-120 degrees. Think about that for a second.. That’s 50 degrees cooler.. Yea. That’s quite a difference. Any way..

I am once again hooked on Netflix. More hooked on the documentaries. Last night I watched a documentary on Morton Downey JR, called Evocateur. It was pretty awesome. For those that don’t know who Morton Downey JR was…I will keep it simple. He was Jerry Springer before Jerry Springer. In all honesty I think he was better, more opinionated and definitely wasn’t afraid of any guest or who they were affiliated with. I can remember watching his show as a kid and just thinking wow.. What in the hell.. Maybe he is the reason I have always wanted a talk show? Maybe he is also the reason I like just watching real TV. I think Morton was a huge influence on what we now know as Reality TV.

How crazy is it to even see him smoking on TV. Holy crap. And one last thing.. Nice hair Jay Jay French. Man what the hell were we thinking in the 80’s? Leather pants and white tennis shoes? Wow. As time went on Mort’s tagline became Zip It! What an awesome show.

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