Why You Must Have a Social Presence

by: Bryan Shaw

One out of seven people on this earth are connected to Facebook and more than 50% of them visit their FB page every day. Think about nearly a billion people all connected to a single media source. It kind of makes the Super Bowl audience, estimated at 100 million, seem small in comparison. According to “Digital Marketing Ramblings” the monthly users for the most popular sites are as follows:

Facebook: 1.06 billion monthly active users, 680 million mobile users, over 42 million pages, 9 million apps

Twitter: 520 million total users, more than 200 million active users

Foursquare: 30 million users, 1 million businesses, 10.4 million monthly users

Google+: 350 million active users

LinkedIn: 200 million users

Reddit: 44 million users, 400 million unique visitors; 37 Billion Page Views

Tumblr: 156 million users

Yelp: 78 million users; 30 million reviews

Youtube: 850 million users, 4 billion views per day

Are you convinced yet? Think about it. People use it everyday. To tell a story, share their thoughts, let friends know where they are, share music, and other products they enjoy. Just take a moment and think about how you use it on a daily basis… Then think about how it can be used to gain followers / customers for your business.

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