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Dealing with Difficult People

by: Bryan Shaw

Today I decided to take a different approach to this blog and how it can help in marketing your business.

After working in the media business for 20 years I have been fortunate to work with some great people. I have also had to work with some difficult individuals with big egos. Many people do not think of the media business as having to deal with the public as in “shaking hands and kissing babies” or having to talk to customers face to face on a daily basis, but in fact we do.

Even though we tend to be in the studio for most of the day, when we are out we meet those who listen and watch us on TV or radio. We all have to deal with the “crazy” listener / viewer at some point, just as you might have to deal with a difficult customer.

You have to learn how to deal with those individuals. No matter what business you are in, I have put together a few ideas to help your experience go a little easier.

Remember they are human: The crazy person who is asking for a particular item or who seems to be impatient while talking to you could be stressed about something else that is going on in their life. We all have bad days. Just give them great service. Be nice. A great attitude when dealing with someone who is impatient can help them change their day from bad to good.

Listen to them: Actively listen to them. You might be able to offer a solution or an alternative to fit their needs.

Go the extra mile: Even if you hate it, and can’t reach their desired solution, it will show that you’re taking their request seriously.

Keep a smile on your face: No matter how much they are pushing you, keep calm and give no clue to them you are annoyed. Keeping your cool can also make them more responsive to alternatives.

Talk with your supervisor: Talk to your immediate supervisor about these experiences. It’s important to share  information about what took place and how you handled the situation. Your boss is more likely to side with you in the future if they know how you’ve handled previous difficult situations.

Always listen and keep your lines of communication open you never know when someone might think you are the “crazy” one.

Great client / customer service goes a long way. A good review can travel just as fast as a bad review about your business. By going that extra mile you wil likely see referrals and good reviews come your way. It is always worth it.

How do you deal with difficult clients / customers?

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