Getting the Most From Our Online Presence

by - Bryan Shaw:

At this point in business we all know that social media is vital to any business strategy, but we need to know how to make the most out of our online presence.

Here are some major things to know when creating your social media strategy.

1. Know the specific platform

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all useful and important, but remember each platform is used differently and speaks to  different audience. Twitter is great for real time customer service and feedback, Facebook is a great way to drive those sales. Use Facebook to drive customers back to your website for the traffic and increase sales. Comments and likes are great, but that is not necessarily going to help drive revenue.

The tone is also important. LinkedIn is more professional (B2B) and Facebook and Twitter are more casual in conversation. Remember the context.

2. Offer value in your posting

If you want your followers attention offer them something they need or can use. Do not just post pics to get likes, because at the end of the day that is not driving your revenue. Having smaller numbers that are engaged in your product or service is much more important that having millions of fans that you will never see in your shop or purchasing product online.

To keep your network of fans and followers strong make sure you are giving value. Make sure they are interested in what you are pushing out to your social channels. Make it a give and take. Don’t just expect your fans and followers to do it all.. Follow up with them. Understand their experience and interaction with your company.

Give people a reason to engage with you.

3. Be active

Frequency is great, but do not just post to post something on your social media. Posting just a few times a week can be very effective. You do not need to blow up their feed with useless or un-engaging content. Twitter the best practice is 4 or 5 times a day as an average. 20 times a month on LinkedIn will reach about 60 percent of your own network. These are just guidelines to give you an idea of how often to promote your brand. Make sure you have a goal in mind with your posts.

4. Use offline and online

Use a call to action. Hold a contest that can generate a buzz online but can also create foot traffic to your store.

5. Stand by your values

Embrace social media and be as engaging as you can with your fans, followers and customers. Allowing them to interact with you will give them a one on one feeling of getting to know your business / brand, and you will continue to see them buy from your store and speak highly of you and your product or service. In the end the reason people want to work for you is the same reason people want to buy from you.. Because you are a great company!

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