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Who the F*ck is Bryan Shaw

Aug 06, 2017No Comments

As I continue the writing process for my book I have had to push back my deadline for my rough draft. This has been for a couple reasons. I have been extremely busy keeping my head

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Dog Thrown From Moving Car, Breaks Back But...

Sep 10, 2012No Comments

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Here Are the top 5 Ways Porn Has Changed Si...

Sep 16, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by - Zeynep Yenisey: Since humans are inherently horny, we’ve been pleasuring ourselves to porn since the Renaissance, and back then, it was in the form of unnecessarily frilly, romantically articulated erotic

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Turns Out Netflix Has a ‘Steamy’...

Aug 31, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by -Zeynip Yenisey We’ve all been there — mindlessly browsing Netflix, just trying to find something good to watch, only to re-watch season 4 of The Office because nothing else looks appealing…right? Or is it just me

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Advantages of Using Social Media in Your Ma...

Aug 23, 2017No Comments

by - Bryan Shaw: There are many advantages of using social media for promoting both your online or offline products and services. It’s a fast way to spread the word – If you have a big fan


Difference Between Digital Marketing and So...

Aug 14, 2017No Comments

by - Bryan Shaw: As much as we use social media and digital marketing I still get asked the question what is the difference in the two or are they the same? The following is what


What If Michael Bay Made Waffles

Aug 14, 2017No Comments

Source - Hedonistica Awesome video trailer for Michael Bay’s new project: Making Waffles

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Man Goes To Jail Because Best Buy Employee,...

Aug 14, 2017No Comments

Source - Geekologie: Small business owner Mike Bolesta was recently jailed after trying to pay for a car stereo installation at Best Buy with $2 bills. Apparently the cashier, as well as the police officer that was dispatched


I Make Bank Selling My Filthy Used Socks to...

Aug 07, 2017No Comments

Source - The Rooster - by - Lindsey Kline: “What do you think they’re doing with your socks?” I ask Jessie over the phone. “What do you think they’re doing with them?” She responds, as if I’ve just


Random Thoughts

Aug 05, 2017No Comments

First thing I want to say is Happy Anniversary to my parents. 50 years and counting. I couldn’t ask for two better people in my life. They survived my two brothers and me and have done

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This Dog is a Hero

Aug 05, 2017No Comments

What I am about to write is one of the craziest stories I have ever heard. What you are about to read is only part of the story. There are numerous charges pending, but the story isn’t about