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Soundboks Bluetooth Speaker

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You can now throw a massive outdoor party or even organize a music festival with the SoundBoks Bluetooth Speaker ($500).  Seriously, this portable device is able to blast sound levels of 119 decibels – louder than an average PA-system at a rock concert! Housed within a classic-style case made of lightweight and durable plywood & aluminum, the rugged speaker can endure serious abuse, like shocks, rain and snow.  A setup of four drivers (two woofers & two tweeters) and four 42W digital amplifiers deliver roaring sound, for anywhere between 8-100 hours, depending on the volume it’s playing at.  Each SoundBoks comes with two swappable batteries (which take only 3 hours to charge), meaning you’ll have enough juice for an all-night, plus after-party.  Better stack on energy drinks!   Details in the video

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