The World’s Largest Selfie Archive, Instagram, Launches a New Account Specifically for Music

Instagram, that sly, time-hoarding phone application most of us use to kill a good few hours between meaningless spans of work and school, announced earlier today it was launching a new area inside of its photogenic realm titled @music — a go-to source for lovers of melody everywhere.

The internal account is a first of its kind for the company, which claims in its initial statement that it seeks to highlight everything in the music industry from musicians (both recognizable and up-and-coming), photographers, album illustrators, instrument makers and “of course, fans.”

If the statement is true, the account could be a pertinent, eye-opening experience for everyone who feels artists such as Beyoncé and Calvin Harris don’t have an army behind them guiding the business into the mega-chaos it is. There are real people behind the artistry of each component of music, and highlighting those on a platform as massive as Instagram sounds — to us — like a really fucking cool idea.

We’d love to see banjo makers and professional flutists and the dude/dudette who graphic designs the shit out of some of these iconic album covers. Those people matter, and we hope Instagram keeps up with that type of ethos in the new account.

The chances of that being a constant on the channel, though, is probably shooting for the stars, as it will undoubtedly be used in the future to push the already overhyped mega-stars. Billboard reports “more than 25 percent of the app’s top accounts are musicians, with Beyonce (30.9 million) the platform’s No. 1 most-followed account, followed closely by the likes of Ariana Grande (30.1 million), Taylor Swift (28.3 million),Justin Bieber (26 million), Miley Cyrus (18.3 million) and Rihanna and Katy Perry (who each have 17.7 million apiece).”

Those artists — if the spot is successful — will predictably jump in line first for the visibility war. But we can always dream of something different … maybe?

As the company is owned and operated by Facebook, however, we’re not sure exactly where the turning point is going to be where it monetizes the thing, but as of yet it appears to be just an innocent way for the workers of Instagram to share their own experiences with music, which Kevin Systrom, Founder and CEO says is, “a passion of ours, and we know it’s a passion of yours.”

Likely this is a test to see what kind of response Instagram gets from the idea, because we can see this concept go to any other industry currently hot on the application. Fashion is a monstrously popular culture on the app, as is fast cars, pets, fitness … whatever. It could work anywhere.

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