Time’s Makin’ Changes

2017 is here.. As always I am still writing 2016 on shit and I am sure that looks great on job apps or some other personal crap I have filled out over the last couple weeks.

This year the blog will be different in the sense that I will share more of my experiences ranging from the job to more shiz on the personal level because why the hell not? Over the last couple years I think I held back a bit as I went for jobs and never really touched base on those and how ridiculous some of those interviews were .. Because believe me some of them were classic. Or even the ridiculousness of my student loan debt, but if you know me and follow me on Facebook you kind of know that disaster already.

I have no idea where this blog will go but I can promise you some entertainment for the few minutes it takes you to read my ramblings. And of course it will be honest. Names may or may not be protected.

I have also set up the goal to get more of my interviews from my radio days on the site. I finally hit pay dirt and found the small box of cassettes.. Yes cassettes with some awesome interviews from the past.

It is going to be an interesting 2017. Lets do this!

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