Do You Know Where You Are? #GnFnR

You’re in the fucking jungle baby! You’re gonna die…

How could you not be excited about the reunion of Guns N Roses? Is it a reunion of the original band? No. Does that mean anything to me? Nope. I do not care at all that Steven Adler is not part of this reunion.. However I do with wish Izzy was a part of the reunion, but I am stoked these guys are back together. This is the band that I loved as a teenager. I had their posters and pictures hanging in my room. I have countless bootlegs both video and audio of their shows. I was such a fan I even did my senior high school term paper on GnR. Who does that? I did and I even got a 98 on that mother fucker too.

I was at the infamous St. Louis riot in 1991. It was a birthday present for my 17th birthday.. I saw them in 1993 with Metallica and Faith No More in Indianapolis, IN, and I saw Axl and his band of hacks that he liked to call GnR in Las Vegas in 2012. I saw Slash numerous times with his solo bands over the years as well. I even saw Velvet Revolver once. Does any of that compare to seeing the original Guns N Roses? No. To me there has not been a band that has came along and gave the middle finger to the music business like they did in the mid 80’s.

Lets fast forward to a few months ago when the reunion rumors started to fly.. I kept telling myself I would not pay what I like to call “Rolling Stones” money to see these guys.. Even as much of a fan as I am I just wasn’t going to do it.. So I thought… Well.. Then .. The more I thought about it.. I said fuck it.. Lets do this… But which show would I go to?

I obviously didn’t get to see the first show in Hollywood, CA on Friday April 1, but I did grab a ticket to see the show in Las Vegas on April 9th! Sure I paid a little more than I should have, but I don’t care. You only live once. Behind the Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses are my favorite band.

Believe me I sat and looked at that ticket price for a long time even hoping someone would tell me I was an idiot… But nope.. Everything in my head kept telling me.. Go! Go to the damn show… And after about 20 minutes I clicked the buy button and now I am heading to Vegas on Saturday April 9th to see Guns N Roses and Alice In Chains. I mean with that opener and it being GnR I can certainly justify what I paid.

People can hate and say Axl can’t sing.. Or he his out of shape etc.. But lets be real about this.. Are you the same shape you were in at 20 something.. Doubtful. And Axl was never anyone I considered a great singer, but I certainly put him in my top 5 frontmen of all time. Why? Because he has it. Not to mention you just never know what the guy is going to do or say.. The entire band has an edge that is Rock n Roll. It is what Rock n Roll is all about.

Do I think this tour will hit all 21 cities without any issues? Yes. I am probably one of the few. I think when that much cash is on the table per show and the guys being older they know what needs to be done. Remember Axl did the residency in Vegas and there were never any problems. He even went on as scheduled.

The footage I saw from Friday’s show in Hollywood only makes me more excited to be heading to Vegas. The guys sounded great.. Including Axl. Haters can hate and call it what they want.. What other band can do a stadium tour at this point in there career besides the Stones? Your answer is GnR. The tickets prices are crazy, but I will tell you this show will kick ass and make everyone remember why this band was as big as they were in the early 90’s and should have been the next Rolling Stones.

Guns N’ Roses Troubadour Set List

1. “It’s So Easy”
2. “Mr. Brownstone”
3. “Chinese Democracy”
4. “Welcome to the Jungle”
5. “Double Talkin’ Jive”
6. “Live and Let Die” (Wings cover)
7. “Rocket Queen”
8. “You Could Be Mine”
9. “Speak Softly Love” (Andy Williams cover)
10. “Sweet Child O’ Mine”
11. “New Rose” (The Damned cover)
12. “Better”
13. “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”
14. “My Michelle”
15. “Nightrain”
16. “The Seeker” (The Who cover)
17. “Paradise City”

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